Yacht Steps

Yacht Steps powered by LumenArt

The Yacht Steps are designed with quality and durability in mind. This eye-catcher is custom made, is of high quality and resistant to all conditions of nature such as seawater. The Yacht Step can be placed on any type of yacht.

Venso Ehitus, Letland


Reflex Sports, UK

We are proud to be your partner here in UK and further away also!

Nuttige & Beeldende Kunst

LumenArt listens well, is open to completely new things, thinks along and rolls up its sleeves. Creativity and perfect execution.


LumenArt and Pulastic: innovative partnership. Join forces to design cross-border products. This characterizes the way in which Pulastic and LumenArt work together. Quality and innovation are objectives, open and honest communication the keywords.

Sportbedrijf Drachten

In the realization of the 2 iSpace Sport gyms here in Smallingerland, LumenArt was involved in the construction and programming of the LED lines in the floors. With every question or challenge, they quickly come up with a practical solution or jump in the car and help on location. In short, very committed and reliable.


For me, LumenArt is a flexible, knowledgeable and customer-friendly company who use their years of experience with lighting by the employees, both in the office and on location, to come up with a lighting solution together with the customer that satisfies everyone. It is always a surprise to work with LumenArt.